The rate of management / administration is determined individually, after reviewing the object.

To a large extent, it depends on the size and technical condition of the object/building.

Below we list sample duties of the Administrator / Manager, which, based on individual arrangements might be broaden by other tasks:

  • takeover of the real estate together with its documentation from the current Administrator / Manager
  • supervision on cleanliness and neatness
  • supervision on the ongoing installations and real estate’s equipment maintenance works, removal of failures and their effects,
  • conduction of, in accordance with the Construction Law, technical controls and inspections of installations and real estate’s equipment,
  • commission of repairs in accordance with the approved economic plan,
  • maintenance of the technical documentation of the facility in accordance with the construction law,
  • informing the housing community about technical condition, utilization and financial condition of the property,
  • preparation of contracts on supply of media for both common property and individual customers (apartments, commercial premises);
  • control, analysis and accounting of costs arising from the contracts mentioned above, and also costa of real estate management,
  • building insurance, payment of other public law fees,
  • providing the housing community with financial service (debt collection, cost accounting, keeping records of out-of-pocket costs related to real estate management,
  • preparation of annual housing community meetings.

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